Pet Odor Treatment

ZeroStink is:
  1. Natural: made from plant-derived enzymes
  2. Safe: it's the only food-grade odor eliminator available
  3. Effective: designed to eliminate all organic odors and many inorganic odors
  4. Fast: works immediately on contact with odor-causing compounds
  5. Permanent: eliminates odors by breaking molecular bonds, not masking odors

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Don't let your family's pet be your carpet's worst enemy. When your pet leaves its mark on your carpet or upholstery, call ZEROREZ®.

Pet Odor Treatment

We'll bring ZeroStink.

ZEROREZ® uses ZeroStink -- a proprietary product that doesn't just mask smells; it destroys most odors on contact.

The secret is the enzymes used in ZeroStink. They cleave to the bonds of the molecules that form odor-causing compounds. ZeroStink literally cleans the air and permanently gets rid of the source of odors. Dealing with the problem leaves you with pure air to breathe.

ZeroStink is food-grade, natural, non-toxic and even NSF® registered. No other odor eliminator can make that claim. The MSDS proves ZeroStink is free of unsafe components like alcohol, glycol, acids, citrus, petroleum products, bacteria-based odor eliminators, and ozone generators. Nothing is as effective, natural, or powerful as ZeroStink.

Our technicians apply ZeroStink to the surface that has encountered an animal accident. The surface is rinsed clean via our truck mounted system using our EMPOWERED WATER™, exclusive to ZEROREZ®. Next, we re-clean the area, removing everyday dirt.

ZeroStink is 100% safe for homes, hardwood floors, fabrics, carpets, furniture, pets and people.