Carpet Cleaning

Empowered Water™ is applied to your carpet fibers by a patented high-pressure, controlled spray system that loosens embedded dirt and removes it through our powerful patented extraction wand.

Not only is the water completely green and non-toxic, it leaves half of the residual moisture per square yard as other top selling wands on the markert. Our extraction wand was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance, ensuring speedy drying times. Six high-efficiency jets penetrate down to the base of the carpet fibers unlocking an incredible amount of embedded soils, dried detergents (left behind from previous cleaners), and other debris.

Carpet Cleaning

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A Healthy Home Begins With Clean Carpets.

Protect your family and investment with clean carpets. Nothing cleans more thoroughly than our patented and green ZEROREZ® cleaning system. 

  • Carpet stays cleaner longer: Harsh detergents leave behind residue, which attracts dirt. Because we never use soap, nothing but clean is left behind after our non-toxic water-based agent is applied.

  • Old traffic lanes and spots are far less likely to reappear: Our process will not penetrate the carpet backing. Stains are pulled from the padding back into the carpet fibers through a wicking action.

  • Carpets aren't soaked during cleaning: No soaking cuts down drying times.

  • Highly trained, uniformed, full-time technicians: We are professionals. Our respectful techs will be a pleasure to have in your home.

Trust our ZEROREZ® experts to clean carpets like no one else in the Kansas City area -- our patented process assures it!

ZEROREZ® is rated the #1 cleaning system in the nation by an independent testing laboratory. No residue means carpets stay cleaner longer.